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Here at Libs Cribs we look forward to transforming Your Ideas into beautiful pieces of furniture. We can consult, design and build truly exquisite pieces for your home. If you would like further info or want to talk about a new or existing design please feel free to contact us for a free non obligatory chat!

As well as creating stunning feature furniture we are also well renowned for our Gorgeous Toy Chests, Keepsake Boxes and Storage options! We do commissioned pieces for Schools, Creche, Business and Home. And each piece is HAND PAINTED to the highest standard ensuring that you get the theme or Character you want!

Wall Murals

Also available is our Wall Mural Service! Contact us today if you'd like to make your little ones Room truly Special and unique! Or if you have a professional space you'd like to make more "Child Friendly" we are available for Schools, Creche, Medical Waiting rooms!!!